Google’s New Report Spam Tool | Report Spammy Deceptive or Low-Quality Webpage Tool For SEOs


Google has recently updated its form to submit search spam reports to the Google Search team. This is a useful tool for SEOs who want to report spammy, deceptive or low-quality webpages that violate Google’s quality guidelines and affect the search results.

What is the new report spam tool?

The new report spam tool is an improved form that allows users to report different types of search spam, such as spam, paid links, malicious behavior, low quality, and other search quality issues. Users can also submit feedback in bulk, up to five pages that violate the same policy in one report.

The new form is accessible at www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreport?pli=1 and requires users to log in to Webmaster Tools. The form will ask users to select the main category and subcategory of the spam issue, provide the URL of the offending webpage, and optionally add some additional details or comments.

Image credit: developers.google.com, June 2023.

The form will also give users feedback and information that links to Google’s help documentation. Google will also send users a confirmation email after they submit the form. The email contains help links to external resources that cover Google’s quality policy and its forum for personalized support.

Why should SEOs use the new report spam tool?

The new report spam tool is a way for SEOs to help Google improve the quality of its search results and combat spam. By reporting spammy, deceptive or low-quality webpages, SEOs can help Google identify and neutralize them and prevent them from ranking well or harming other sites.

Google uses a machine learning-based system called SpamBrain to detect and take action on spam sites. SpamBrain can detect both sites buying links and sites used for the purpose of passing outgoing links. Google also periodically rolls out link spam updates that affect the ranking of sites that use unnatural links.

By using the new report spam tool, SEOs can provide valuable feedback to Google and help it refine its algorithms and policies. This can benefit both Google and SEOs who follow the best practices on links and content quality.

How to use the new report spam tool effectively?

To use the new report spam tool effectively, SEOs should follow these tips:

  • Report only webpages that clearly violate Google’s quality guidelines. Do not report webpages that you simply don’t like or disagree with.
  • Provide as much detail as possible when filling out the form. Explain why you think the webpage is spammy, deceptive or low quality and how it affects the search results.
  • Use the bulk submission feature only when reporting webpages that violate the same policy. Do not submit duplicate or irrelevant reports.
  • Do not expect immediate results or feedback from Google. Google may take some time to review and act on your reports, depending on the severity and complexity of the issue.
  • Do not abuse or spam the report spam tool. Google will disregard identical reports submitted by the same user to prevent spam.
  • Focus on producing high quality content and improving user experience on your own site. This is the best way to rank well and avoid being affected by spam.


The new report spam tool is a handy feature for SEOs who want to report spammy, deceptive or low quality webpages that affect the search results. By using this tool, SEOs can help Google improve its search quality and combat spam. However, SEOs should also follow Google’s quality guidelines and focus on creating high quality content and user experience on their own sites.

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