WhatsApp Channels: A New Way to Follow Your Favorites on WhatsApp


WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, has recently launched a new feature called WhatsApp Channels. This feature allows users to follow their favorite celebrities, sports teams, artists, creators, thought leaders, and other organizations on WhatsApp and receive updates from them in a private and secure way.

What are WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels are a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls to their followers. Users can find channels to follow in a new tab called Updates on WhatsApp, where they can also see their Status and channels they choose to follow. Updates are separate from the chats with family, friends, and communities.

Users can also react to the updates using emojis and see the total number of reactions. However, the reactions are not visible to other followers or the admins. Users can also forward the updates to their chats or groups with a link back to the channel so that others can find out more.

How to follow WhatsApp Channels?

To follow a WhatsApp Channel, users need to scan a QR code or click on a link that will take them to the channel page on WhatsApp. There they can see the channel name, description, profile photo, and a preview of the latest updates. They can then tap on Follow to start receiving updates from the channel.

Users can also discover channels to follow based on their country and interests. They can browse through categories such as Entertainment, Sports, News, Education, and more. They can also see channels that are new, most active, and popular based on the number of followers.

Why use WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels offer a new way for users to stay informed and entertained by following their favourites on WhatsApp. Unlike other social media platforms, WhatsApp Channels are more private and secure. Users do not need to share their personal information or phone number with the admins or other followers. They can also choose who they want to follow and unfollow at any time.

WhatsApp Channels also provide a direct and intimate connection between the admins and the followers. Admins can share exclusive content, behind-the-scenes stories, announcements, polls, and more with their followers. Followers can also give feedback and show support by reacting to the updates.

Who are using WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels have been launched in over 150 countries and have attracted thousands of partners from various fields. Some of the notable names that have launched their WhatsApp Channels are:

  • The Indian Cricket Team: The official channel of the Indian Cricket Team provides updates on match schedules, scorecards, highlights, and more. Fans can also get access to exclusive content from the players and coaches.
  • Katrina Kaif: The Bollywood actress and entrepreneur shares insights and updates about her work in the film industry and her ventures in the business world.
  • Diljit Dosanjh: The Punjabi singer and actor shares videos, photos, polls, and more with his fans. He also promises to share important updates about his upcoming performances and tours.
  • Vijay Deverakonda: The Telugu superstar and youth icon shares sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes content, and more with his followers.
  • Akshay Kumar: The Bollywood superstar and social activist shares updates about his movies, social causes, fitness tips, and more with his fans.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel?

Currently, WhatsApp Channels are only available for select partners who have been invited by WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp plans to make it possible for anyone to create a channel in the future. Users who are interested in creating a channel can fill out a form on the WhatsApp website1 and wait for an invitation from WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Channels are a new feature that allows users to follow their favourites on WhatsApp and receive updates from them in a private and secure way. Users can discover channels based on their country and interests, react to the updates using emojis, and forward them to their chats or groups with a link back to the channel. WhatsApp Channels provide a direct and intimate connection between the admins and the followers.

1: https://www.whatsapp.com/channels/create/

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